Re-imagining Health and Wellbeing

Videos from Aberdeen’s Enterprising Third Sector event now available!

The third sector plays a crucial role in the health and social care field generating £8.5m to the Scottish economy and providing the support millions of people rely on. As the times get even more challenging we often ask ourselves:

How can we look at things differently?

How can what we do be complemented by what others are doing?

How does that strengthen health and wellbeing for everyone?

All these questions can be answered when we bring people together. That is why in October 2018 we hosted Aberdeen’s Enterprising Third Sector event where six inspiring social entrepreneurs shared their innovative ideas on the theme of health and wellbeing.

Today, we want to share this learning with you. Watch the videos from the event and discover what third sector leaders have to say about crucial issues affecting health and wellbeing in Aberdeen.

The topics cover employee wellbeing, travelling well with dementia, ensuring that children don’t learn safety by accident, and more!

Sharing ideas is the first step towards change.

Join us on the journey to better health and wellbeing for people in Aberdeen – watch the videos, share, comment!

Find out more about the event here.