We all need clothes, food and somewhere warm to live. People in poverty have fewer resources and opportunities. Once you are in poverty’s grip, it is so much harder to escape.

Even before the pandemic, poverty was already too high and rising. These last few months have created a storm, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It has caused exceptional damage to people’s livelihoods, income & wellbeing – and is pulling even more families under.

The early signs are that people are struggling to keep their heads above water during this crisis, and they are being swept up in the ever-rising tide of poverty. Families are having to cut back on essentials, such as food or electricity and are having to borrow money to survive.

Due to the current crisis, there is the potential for change and the chance to redesign our economy to reflect the values of justice and compassion we all share. By boosting people’s income and reducing the costs of living, we all have a part to play in making sure that we all have what we need.

Challenge Poverty Week continues to be an opportunity for us all to:

  • raise a unified voice against poverty
  • build awareness and support for solutions to poverty
  • help stop the stigma of living on a low income

#PovertyAberdeen is about bringing together everyone’s experiences, knowledge and passion to help push for change.  Please get involved – you might not think it, but you can make a positive impact – and remember to tell us about it via your social media!

What you can do –

  • Write a letter to your political representatives – or download these template letters, edit and personalise them. Then post or email your plea to your local MSPs and MP. The more that elected representatives hear about our belief in the need to solve poverty the better! You can find your local MSPs here  and your local MP here.
  • Young people can get in touch with your Scottish Youth parliament representatives https://syp.org.uk/members/find-your-msyp/). You can also contact Aberdeen City Youth Council to share your views and see what you can get involved in city.youth.council@gmail.com
  • Councillors also make important decisions regarding poverty. Find out who your local Councillor is here and speak to them about what they are doing to tackle poverty in your area.
  • Poverty can affect the health in people of all ages – Locality Empowerment Groups (LEG) across the city (North, South and Central), will play a key role in improving health and wellbeing, reshaping services & supporting groups and networks within communities to keep people well. Get connected to your local LEG at ACHSCPTransformation@aberdeencity.gov.uk to have your say and help make a difference.
  • Donate – if and what you can. We know money is tight for many at the moment, so how about giving your time and skills to help out others by volunteering. To find out more about how to do this and what’s available go to volunteeraberdeen.org.uk
  • Are you a business? There is an activity toolkit that provides guidance on how to get involved too

Then –

  1. Tell us what you have done by completing the blank selfie frame campaign template. For example
    • We have made a donation to AC2U’ – AGJ Ltd
    • ‘We have sent letters to our MP & MSP’ – Jo & Andi Summers
    • ‘I have volunteered as a driver for CFINE – Sally Scott
    • ‘I subscribed to the CPAG newsletters’ – Rachel Cochrane
  1. Take a selfie with your completed template. If you are not a selfie person or are a bit shy, then please feel free to get creative. For example, you could take a close-up photo of your hands holding the template or set-up a scene using relevant items.
  2. During Challenge Poverty Week itself (October 5th – 11th) – post your selfie on Twitter and/ or Instagram. Making sure to add in #PovertyAberdeen, #ChallengePoverty or #TogetherWeCan.
  1. Not a selfie person ? –  Tweet us your message of support using the same #’s
  2. If you see any other #PovertyAberdeen, please remember to like, share or retweet, to keep the messages going.
  3. You can also send your selfies to susan.morrison@acvo.org.uk for sharing on the ACVO Facebook page.
  4. Download, print and display our campaign poster.
  5. We know not everyone has access to a printer just now, so we can send you a simple pack of all that you will need to get involved. Please get in touch – our details are below.

Got any questions, want more info, need a bit of help – then please get in touch with either of us. We might not be able to meet in person, but we’re not far away via phone or email.

Susan Morrison susan.morrison@acvo.org.uk

Rachel Thompson RaThompson@aberdeencity.gov.uk


Thank you so very much for your participation and support – together we can !