Newton Dee Camphill Community

Newton Dee is a Camphill community in Aberdeen, Scotland. We offer a home, meaningful work and opportunities for personal development to adults with learning disabilities and other special needs.

Newton Dee is a charity based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Coworkers (live in volunteers) and Villagers (adults with special needs) live together here. We don’t just provide houses, but build homes together, in a mutually supportive environment. But life isn’t just about a home, its also about meaningful work. We provide training and supportive work environments where people can do more than just be entertained. We believe that work is an essential part of anyone’s life. So whether it be a Baker, a Farmer, a Woodworker or something else – Newton Dee Camphill Community will help to support all of our community members to reach their fullest potential.

This is all rounded out by a robust social, cultural and spiritual life. 

The ethos of Newton Dee is that everyone brings different abilities, which we use for the benefit of the people around us.

Newton Dee’s home life is based around large and small households ranging from four to 16 people. In addition we have some shared houses, apartments and bed-sitters.

There are 36 houses in Newton Dee’s wooded grounds, which extend to a total of 180 acres, of which 120 acres is dedicated to our biodynamic farm. Aberdeen is the home of the Camphill Movement.

Newton Dee Village
AB15 9DX