Organisational Development:


Governance is the key to the effective functioning of your group, whether you are a small voluntary group or a large company.


Whether you are a new or existing group, ACVO can offer help and advice to assist with your development.

We provide up-to-date information & advice to develop your group, whether you need help with:


  • Starting a Group
  • Writing a Constitution
  • Becoming a Charity
  • Working as a Committee
  • Charity Accounting
ACVO can offer help and support through:


  • Information about Charity and Company Law
  • Training and advice about policy development
  • Assistance with planning for the future
  • Access to development resources
  • Individual advice on development issues
  • Management Committee Training
  • Disclosure Checks

If you require advice and information about governance, please do not hesitate to contact our Development Officer, Sandy Mathers

    Sandy Mathers
    Sandy Mathers

    Development Officer 

    (01224) 686075