Introduction to Business Planning

Introduction to Business Planning

They say there’s no such thing as a bad idea, but when it comes to running a successful social enterprise, creative thinking alone is not enough to ensure success. In this Just Enterprise Introduction to Business Planning workshop, you’ll learn why the preparation of a proper business plan is essential if you want to develop your bright social enterprise idea or move on to the next level.

This comprehensive workshop will introduce you to the four key stages involved in developing a business plan:

where your organisation is now
where you want it to be in the months and years ahead
what needs to be done to reach those goals
how you will know when you get there
During the session, you will also learn some of the tools and techniques that can be used to guide your thinking and practical planning. You’ll find out how to gather and assess information to help develop your organisation’s strategic vision, mission and aims, and how to format your own business plan.

For you if:

you have recently started a social enterprise or are new to a leadership role
you are involved in the strategic direction of your organisation
you have grown your enterprise without formal planning and would now like to learn how to do this is effectively

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