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Disclosure Scotland fees: discounting, waivers and accredited bodies consultation

Scottish Government

Closing date: 28/05/2024


Consultation Details

In this consultation, we are seeking views to enable us to consider fee discounts for certain groups applying for Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme membership disclosures and views on the fees applied to organisations acting as accredited bodies.

Disclosure Scotland’s fees and fee structure have not changed since 2011. This is the longest period fees for disclosure products in Scotland have been frozen. The Public Sector Finance Manual sets out that fees should be set at full cost recovery. This means there is limited scope to adjust the fee levels when proposed. Work is ongoing to ensure fees are set at a level which balances affordability for customers against the cost of delivering disclosures.

While this consultation does set out some proposed fee levels for disclosure products under the Disclosure Act, taking account of actual cost of delivery and inflation, its focus is on gathering more evidence on Disclosure Scotland’s approach to fees in certain circumstances to help us develop our policy approach to fees.

Read the consultation paper. The consultation paper contains full background information for this consultation. You may find it useful to read or refer to while responding.

Disclosure Scotland has not fully reviewed how we approach to fee discounting since the PVG Scheme was introduced in 2011. We need your views on how proposals on discounted PVG Scheme disclosures might impact you, your organisation or the people you work with. This will allow us to develop our proposals and assess what next steps can be taken.

The Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020 also changes the approach to registration for some organisations recieving disclosures. If your organisation recieves disclosures or intends to in the future, we want to know what your views are on the proposed fee structure.

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