Organisations Supporting Health and Well-being

Do you, as a member of staff or as a volunteer, have list of really good services that you share amongst your staff and volunteers to help all your clients and supported people, especially for all those difficult enquiries where people really need help?

Have you created your own directory of what is available in Aberdeen?

If the answer is yes to either of the above, we’d love to talk to you, as there is a massive project going on, mapping all the supports we have in Aberdeen for everyone involved in supporting health and wellbeing
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NHS 24, NHS Inform and the new Scottish Service Directory are joining with ALISS, the 3rd sector national database to create a fantastic resource for everyone!

Can you help?

If you can send us your list or talk to us about it, we would love to hear more!

Please contact Jane Russell as soon as you can!

Deadline: 8th February 2019