We Too

We provided £3,000 to this project

Among those who have been asked to self isolate during the virus are a high number of people with additional support needs including autism, learning disabilities and dementia. Due to the fact many members of the public do not understand these hidden disabilities and subsequently the individuals’ anxiety driven behaviour, carers for such individuals have expressed concern over how they respond to the world that has hugely changed as an effect on the pandemic.

A project run by We TOO provides visual aids for public spaces to help navigate them, such as supermarkets, as well as badges that individuals with additional support needs can wear to alert members of the public that they might need additional support. This helps members of the public, as well as supermarket staff, increase their awareness of individuals that are unable to understand concepts like social distancing. Producing visual guides and ensuring they are shared as widely as possible can help many within our community that are experiencing increased anxiety. The community visual guide was incredibly well received when trialled in a small store and a different “schools are closing” visual guide reached 28000 people online.

The sooner we assist to empower our more vulnerable citizens the easier our integration into this “new normal” will be.