King’s Community Foundation in partnership with King’s community church

We awarded £3,000 to this project.

As a result of covid-19 there has been a drastic increase in those facing food poverty. Some of the effects of the pandemic are; people have lost their jobs and there is a long waiting period for universal credit to come through, they are unable to provide for their family on a reduced income if they have been put on furlough or families have had increased energy bills due to staying home all the time therefore cannot pay for food as well.

The Kings Community Foundation provides food parcels to those who need it most in North Aberdeen. As well as this, they have started a new delivery service to reach those who are unable to attend the food bank in person. They have also launched a second project called ‘the toastie club’ which is for those suffering from homelessness to get a soup and a sandwich. Their aim is to reach more people and extend this service to twice a week.

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