Sunrise partnership

We awarded £1,650 to this project.

For many bereaved children, as well as children in foster care, or who have a parent in prison, the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened any fear that their sole carer will pass away. Much of this is down to the media’s focus on the huge number of deaths. Many of these children are unable to do their school work due to their unsettled emotional state and stress, not allowing them to concentrate and learn. These children and the adults caring for them need ongoing support to help them cope with the anxiety and stress surrounding the pandemic.


Sunrise partnership provides free, confidential loss and bereavement support to children and young people. This service has moved online and over the phone and text. Since the outbreak Sunrise Partnership are spending much more time supporting the parents and carers as well. They are having more frequent contact with families, giving them a chance to offload so they can better care for their children. The 1:1 support sessions for the children are focusing on the changes and losses they are experiencing, using coping strategies, looking into the future and expressing emotions in a safe and positive way.