Grampian Society for the Blind, North East Sensory Services (NESS)

We awarded £3,00 to this project.

Living with a significant sensory loss can be both physically and emotionally challenging.  All age groups are at high risk of social isolation, frustration, and disengagement from society due to communication barriers, while feelings of exclusion may result in mental health problems.  Difficulty in claiming welfare benefits or finding or remaining in paid employment can lead to families slipping into poverty. These risks have greatly increased by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many children with sensory impairment also suffer from a delay in linguistic and socio-emotional development meaning that they are already at high risk of being socially isolated.


NESS is providing both emotional and practical support throughout the lockdown restrictions, ensuring that they have access to the benefits they need to manage in the long term, and those resources, goods and services they urgently require now. This includes but is not limited to, British Sign Language updates on government advice, regular telephone contact with their most vulnerable, ensuring they have access to food, prescriptions etc., and facilitating inter-group communication to mitigate the impact of social isolation and maintain the social skills their young people have gained. They are also delivering hearing-aid batteries to their clients, thus improving their capacity to communicate their needs effectively.

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