MS Society, Aberdeen Local Group

We awarded £3,000 to this project.

People with multiple sclerosis have both physical and mental health issues. Most have problems with mobility and it is imperative they use muscles, otherwise their health will continue to deteriorate. The lack of mobility means some people are pretty much housebound for 12 weeks during lockdown.


MS Society, following the closure of community centres and church halls, have transferred most classes to Zoom. This includes hour long exercise classes Monday-Friday and a virtual coffee afternoon once a week. The idea behind the exercise classes, which are led by teachers who have specialist knowledge of the condition, is to keep muscles active so they do not degenerate and become less useful. With a view to keeping everyone engaged during lockdown, those who do not have access to technology are called at least once a week by a member of the team, they have also increased the frequency of their newsletter.

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