Advocacy Service Aberdeen

We awarded £1.933 to this project.

Recent research has shown that services which support victims of domestic abuse have had major challenges in contacting victims. Many victims have had their access to a mobile phone removed and/or are unable to detect the seriousness of the situation until they talk about it with Advocacy. The effects of lockdown have increased the difficulty in communication and heightens their risk of physical harm.


Aberdeen Advocacy Service supports victims of domestic abuse with initial safety planning, support meetings, and is an independent source of information when discussing options, rights, and other potential services that could assist. The main barrier to reaching these services right now is digital isolation, as the victims have limited or no access to a mobile phone, and face to face appointments with people is suspended for the time being. Advocacy is providing their clients with good quality mobile phones with internet access and video calling, to give them access to the resources and support they need.

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