ACVO Blog: Small Business Support Grant


The Scottish Government’s  Small Business Support Grant of £10,000 has been made available to Charities which would be eligible for the Small Business Bonus Rates Relief Scheme if they weren’t already getting Charitable Rates Relief.

More about Small Business Support Grant  here;

Eligibility for the Small Business Bonus Scheme is briefly;

  • the combined rateable value of all your business premises is £35,000 or less
  • and, the rateable value of individual premises is £18,000 or less

More about Small Business Bonus Scheme here;

So essentially, for charities to qualify for the Small Business Support Grant they must be able to qualify for Small Business Bonus Scheme (or would do, if they didn’t already have charitable rates relief).

Apply at;,%C2%A310%2C000%20small%20business%20grant.

If you want to know more; contact ACVO Development Officer