Aberdeen charity launches a new Autism Information Hub written by Autistic People to increase society’s understanding of Autism

Press Release


21st October 2020


Aberdeen charity launches a new Autism Information Hub written by Autistic People to increase society’s understanding of Autism


Triple A’s and One Stop Shop Aberdeen are delighted to announce the launch of their new Autism Information Hub. The Hub has been created as part of the Understanding Autism campaign which is funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with Inspiring Scotland. The campaign is a ground-breaking effort to increase knowledge and understanding of autism with a sharp focus on the lived experiences of autistic people.


The Autism Information Hub is written by autistic people and offers an insight into what it is like to be autistic, strategies to support yourself as an autistic person, and information about how you can support autistic people around you to grow and develop.


One Stop Shop Aberdeen manager, Marion McLaughlin said: “We are delighted to be working so closely with the Scottish Government and Inspiring Scotland on this exciting project.  Supporting those seeking to develop their knowledge and understanding of autism and reframing the narrative around autism are things we are incredibly passionate about, and this new Autism Information Hub allows us to do just that. As an autistic person I found it difficult to get good quality information about autism on the internet and finding sources that did not stigmatise being autistic was rare.  We hope that visitors to the Hub will be able to find a balanced and nuanced understanding of autism.”


The new Autism Information Hub will go live on the 25th September. It will cover areas like; What is Autism?, Sensory Issues, Autistic Communication and much more. The hub is aimed at increasing understanding and acceptance of autism and will help support autistic people and their families, businesses, professionals, and the general public who want to learn more about autism.


Triple A’s and One Stop Shop Aberdeen will continue to add to the Hub over time, and welcome suggestions for any topics people would like to see covered.


To find out more about Autism, head to the One Stop Shop Aberdeen website.


Notes to Editor


The mission of the Triple As is to improve the lives of autistic people, and show that autism does not prevent us from having fulfilling lives. We are entirely autistic-led, with all contact staff, volunteers, and the board being all autistic.  Our main focus is reducing social isolation and building capabilities and confidence within autistic individuals. We also focus on building up ability to make choices, something which many of us struggle with and which is absolutely critical to a meaningful life.


Inspiring Scotland and Scottish Government are working together on a new national marketing campaign to raise the understanding of autism in Scotland. Triple A’s is one of 9 funded charities taking part in the programme.  This work is a direct response to Scottish Government’s 2017 Engagement Exercise, which consulted with over 1,000 people – including autistic people, parents and carers and organisations. The consultation asked participants what changes need to be made for autistic people to enjoy healthier lives, have choice and control over services, live independently and be active citizens. The feedback from participants involved in the Engagement Exercise overwhelmingly emphasised the need to raise understanding of autism.


Celia Tennant, CEO Inspiring Scotland said:We are delighted to have been able to support Triple A’s and One Stop Shop Aberdeen with this new Information Hub. Projects like these are vital in increasing society’s understanding of autism.  It is fantastic that this has been developed by autistic people to provide an insight into what it is like being autistic, helping us move away from stereotypes and to make clear the many strengths autistic people bring to society.”


The hub will go live on the One Stop Shop Aberdeen website (www.oss-aberdeen.co.uk) on 23rd September 2020.


For further information please contact – Marion McLaughlin, One Stop Shop Aberdeen Manager.  Email hello@oss-aberdeen.co.uk



Photo – Marion McLaughlin, Manager and Calum Bennett, Autism Practitioner at the One Stop Shop Aberdeen