The Big Creative Aberdeen Picture
16th June 2015

Why Art? Where  Art? What Art? How Art?

“Art and artists are inspiring … they offer ways of expressing complicated feelings … They can open up whole new horizons for people who feel they have very few.  They make a place look nice.  They make people feel good about themselves. Art projects can break … patterns of failure … by encouraging people to look at their situations with fresh eyes” Lord Andrew Mawson “The Social Entrepeneur: Making communities Work”.

This event brought artists and practitioners together with businesses, students, charities, public sector officers and Further Education representatives to create visual maps in the form of giant collages of ideas.

Some of these ideas have been taken forward within Big Aberdeen for example Big Aberdeen Benches.

Third sector organisations, businesses, artists and community groups were invited to come together to explore what could an arts project do for your business or organisation? Your community? Your hard to reach audiences? Your fundraising? Your awareness raising? Who could fund or resource it?

How as an artist or cultural organisation can you can you find out what opportunities exist or what is needed from you?

More projects are bubbling up all the time and we would love to hear yours.