Frequently Asked Questions

Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

ACVO is co-ordinating Big Aberdeen as a project. The level, speed and extent  to which Big Aberdeen Action is progressed, resourced,  communicated and structured is the responsibility of  all of those who share the Big Aberdeen aims and values.  Should it be that a need emerges to formalise partnership working  or financial arrangements, ACVO can facilitate this through its normal strands of governance and financial management work.

Levels of Big Aberdeen activity

No repeat of The Big Aberdeen Event of 2014, the year of the Scottish independence referendum and Commonwealth Games, is planned.

ACVO committed to facilitating 2 projects under the Big Aberdeen banner during 2015.  This was not a limit and has been exceeded.  A number of projects are ongoing beyond March 2016.

It is not for ACVO to artificially set levels of activity under the Big Aberdeen banner, but for those levels to arise from the Big Aberdeen Action Network and others who share the values of Big Aberdeen.  As levels of activity develop, ACVO will support within the scope of resources available (see below).

Funding,  resources and database

Big Aberdeen continues to be about getting started with what we as a Big Aberdeen Action Network can offer, not developing funding proposals.

ACVO is not funded to resource Big Aberdeen.  ACVO is able to support Big Aberdeen only through its existing strands of work – eg on the funding and sustainability of third sector organisations, on interface with community planning, on voluntary activity, on reshaping public services, integration of childrens services, partnership on alcohol and drugs, on financial inclusion etc.

Within this work, ACVO has a huge range of resources available including meeting space, facilitators, governance support for partnerships, specialist networks, programmes of events, the MILO database of approx. 900 mapped Third Sector organisations, an e:bulletin subscription list of over 2000.  The Big Aberdeen mailing list exceeds 200 and the Big Aberdeen Action Network is at Who is on Board.

It is not for ACVO to resource Big Aberdeen activity.  At the events so far many of those who are members of the Big Aberdeen Action network identified themselves as willing resource providers.  ACVO can help projects emerging under the Big Aberdeen banner to identify a range of potential resource.


Big Aberdeen is about bottom up not top down.  It is about getting started with what we have.  It is not about ACVO planning activities with the primary purpose of grabbing headlines. However, ACVO will support projects under the Big Aberdeen banner to gain mainstream and/or community or specialist media attention as far as resources allow and will welcome the support of specialist Network members in these fields.  We will gather images, including from the Network, involve VIPs and create photo opportunities and press releases to this end.

Big Aberdeen Action Network members are all invited to spread word of activity under the Banner through their own networks and ACVOs and to support and encourage each other to do so.

Network members can contribute stories from their work in line with Big Aberdeen to the Local Action.  Tweeting using #10aberdeenstories, #bloomingbig, #bigbreakfast, #bigaberdeen is much encouraged.

Use of the Big Aberdeen logo can be arranged.

Timetables and Deadlines

For Big Aberdeen timetables as at 1st of March 2016, please see Big Aberdeen Timeline.  The deadline for the ACVO e:bulletin is Thursday midday.

ACVO would be pleased to provide further guidance on any of these matters.