Pic 3Digital StillCameraBlooming Big Aberdeen

Aims to:

  • encourage self-expression
  • promote use and celebration of the city’s green spaces
  • promote cultural activity
  • reach out to people in need
  • support local third sector organisations/social enterprises
  • provide new opportunities for volunteering and corporate social responsibility.

Blooming Big Aberdeen, includes:

  • The Blooming Big Aberdeen photo competition, gave 16-25 year olds the opportunity to celebrate and express their Aberdeen.  See their City in the Big Aberdeen Gallery here. This project arose from The Big Creative Picture event in June 2015.Blooming Big Photo Exhibition was created by the Finalists.
  • Keep your Blooming Big Aberdeen eyes out in Aberdeen’s parks,  greenspaces, school playgrounds, playpark over the next few months and see the Big Aberdeen Gallery here. This project arose from The Big Creative Picture event in June 2015.  To find out more about the Bench opportunity – More Information/Apply. A trail of over 40 Big Aberdeen benches are being created with 12 in place by summer 2018 and a further 6 in the pipline.  An online map is in development.  Friendly Benches are designed and painted by individual organisations with help from Aberdeen City Council. The brightly coloured City benches each with a unique design will help groups reach out to new clients, volunteers and donors.  The launch of each bench is a promotional opportunity.  Plaques being provided by Recognition Express North East, provide the website of the individual organisations so visitors can get more information. 10 Buddy Benches are coming to school playgrounds made of recycled wood from the City’s parks to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground and at the same time offering  offenders the chance to make reparation for their offences by undertaking unpaid work for the benefit of the community.