My Big Aberdeen Story

In 2015 ACVO launched the Big Aberdeen Stories project making it easy for you and your stakeholders to get involved in helping fellow Aberdonians through a challenge in their lives, to share their experiences and have their voices heard.

As at October, twelve stories have been gathered and published on social media and the ACVO website and more are on their way.  Each story stays live and builds a story of Aberdeen. Each chronicles the experiences of a real Aberdeen citizen. Details of the broadest range of help given by various organisations including sponsors, public bodies and charities, and the help still required, provide a resource for people experiencing the same issues and enable citizens and agencies to offer further assistance.

We are looking to engage with new Storytellers to tell unique stories throughout the year.

Each has the same format.  ACVO is on the look out for a  spread of stories which meet the following objectives:

  • A powerful story of life transition of  a real, current Aberdonian
  • Has a Third Sector Storyteller organisation who provides services locally
  • Is a story with several facets/Third sector activity and  contributing to a range of issues/themes
  • Can be expected to generate a significant a number of website hits through the Storyeller organisation (as well as ACVO) actively promoting and interacting with the story