Big Aberdeen Stories – be part of them

Big Aberdeen Stories gives citizens an opportunity to get involved in helping fellow Aberdonians through a challenge in their lives, to share their experiences and have their voices heard.  It gives you the opportunity to connect your activity in to a real local story, raise awareness of your work and influence the direction the story takes.

The webpage and project as a whole are as dynamic as you make them, being refreshed with what you provide.

If you have a Big Aberdeen Story you want to tell, get in touch and we will see if we can make it happen.

Latest Story

Read Blanche’s Story

In a world where technology is advancing at an astounding rate, Blanche proves your never to old to keep up.

Past Stories

Keith Duncan

Read Keith’s Story

During Mental Health Awareness Week we spoke to Keith who tell’s us about his battle with Mental Health issues


Read Rosilda’s Story

The final part of the original #10aberdeenstories is from Rosilda who explains the challenges of moving to Aberdeen from Brazil.


Read Roz’s Story

This Big Aberdeen Story follows Roz as Inspire helps her maintain her independence while dealing with learning disabilities and additional support need.


Read Sarah’s Story

In the new year our story looks at Sarah and highlights the challenges for people in disability and long term ill health to find and keep employment.


Read the Dick Family’s Story

This Big Aberdeen Story focused on the Dick Family who had gone through a challenging time juggling day to day life while raising a son with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.


Read Alex’s Story

This story, launched in November for Remembrance focuses on Alex as he struggled with social isolation after some time with the armed forces.


Read Graham’s Story

The half way point in the original series, we follow Graham as he tells us about his life in recovery.


Read Dean’s Story

This story follows Dean and the challenges he faced leaving school and trying to enter the workforce


Read David and Cindy’s Story

David and Cindy’s story follows them as they try to cope with a major change in their relationship.


Read Steven’s Story

This story, launched in July, follows Steven, a cancer patient, as he describes how he came to relay on food banks to support himself during a tough time in his life.


Read Bob’s Story

The first story, launched in June during National Dementia Week, details Bob Walker’s experiences of caring for his wife Diane through early onset dementia.