spreelogoBusiness Sector:  Fundraising Tools
Location/Address:  3 Albert Street, Aberdeen
Tel:  01224 621000
Email: innes.murray@spreebook.com
Web: www.spreebook.com

Services to Third Sector

Spree Fundraising provide books free, on a sale-or-return basis, to any organisation looking to raise funds. The organisation sells them and keeps a proportion of the sale price. Depending on the number of books sold a minimum of £4 per book sold is retained by the seller to put towards their good cause, or to donate to their designated charity. The appeal is obvious – it is a ready-made fundraising scheme with no cost outlay for the organisation and with no risk or obligation either.

Commitment to the Third Sector

Since the Spree Book was launched 16 years ago, we’ve been committed to help fundraising groups raise money for their individual causes, as of this Summer, £2 Million has been raised by Spree Fundraisers. Our intention is to continue to highlight the use of this exciting fundraising tool even more in the coming months, and to invest in our Spree App to target a younger audience, as well as develop our website and digital activity.