Business Sector: Coaching
Location/Address: 12a Carden Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1UR
Tel: 07919996329

Services to Third Sector:

Coaching is facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another in order for them to achieve his or her fullest potential. Coaching has the ability to unlock human potential at all levels of performance. It can be done one-on-one or within a group. Coaching can help improve a physical skill, like in a sport, or a mental skill, like job function or test taking or finding happiness and fulfillment.

There are several different types of coaching that I incorporate in my sessions including coaching for sports, life, personal growth, career, and business mindset. The overall goal of coaching is to unlock a person’s potential so that they can maximize their own performance. The coaching methods focus on;

  • an individual’s or a teams goals
  • close observation
  • analysis of performance
  • building awareness of a behavior
  • positive and non-judgmental feedback on performance
  • enabling people to change behaviors

Commitment to the Third Sector:

I have always had a great love for people, the importance of good communication and the arts so it is no surprise that I have found myself involved in some third sectors businesses.

I have been a board member of Aberdeen Art Centre since 2014 and have played a variety of rolls there as and when needed, including being an usher during some school shows during Panto time.

Last year I got the opportunity to be trained by Adele at SHMU fm, and I now host a show on the radio once a week called Spotlight – Keeping it real as a volunteer. One of the best parts of my shows role is to interview a variety of Charities to find out more about their work and to bring more awareness to those who might benefit from or support their cause.

If I can be of any support to third sector businesses and their teams then let’s have a conversations.