Business Sector:  Legal
Location/Address:  The Capitol 431 Union Street Aberdeen AB11 6DA
Tel:  +44 33 0222 0050

Services to Third Sector:

Dentons is a full service international law firm operating across the UK, with three full service Scottish offices. We can assist third sector organisations with a wide variety of legal matters including: employment law; real estate; finance; intellectual property; tax; corporate governance; charity and trust law; and a wide variety of regulatory matters.

Committment to the Third Sector:

Dentons is committed to corporate social responsibility as we recognise we have an interest in, and a shared responsibility for, supporting the communities in which we operate. The relationships established through our CSR work and our work in the community form part of the professional and personal development of everyone at Dentons.

We have committed a significant amount of time to CSR projects in the financial year to end April 2017, fee earning staff in the UK contributed approximately 11,900 CSR hours to a wide variety of charities including UNICEF UK, National Centre for Domestic Violence, Help for Heroes, Children’s Air Ambulance and Medical Detection Dogs.

We aim to help by not only using our legal resources but also through mentoring, providing educational support and by actively participating in community work.