ACVO Affiliates Scheme
Bringing the Third and Private Sector Together

testimoinalsWhat is the ACVO Affiliates Programme?

The ACVO Affiliates Programme connects Third Sector and Private Sector organisations together for mutually beneficial business opportunities.

Connections are made:

Who is the Affiliate Programme for?

PRIVATE SECTOR businesses who have business to do with the Third Sector and who demonstrate commitment to developing practical understanding, informed choices and effective support for the Third Sector.

THIRD SECTOR businesses working or based in Aberdeen who have business to do with the private sector.

What are the Benefits of Being a Private Sector Affiliate?

As a Private Sector organisation, you will have:

  • Logo & Company details on ACVO website
  • Invitation to 4 free business networking events
  • Opportunities to speak at networking events
  • Opportunities to host and shape networking events
  • Awareness of other presentation and networking opportunities
  • CSR consultations

What are the Benefits for the Third Sector?

Third Sector organisations receive:

  • Invitation to appropriately themed events
  • Opportunities to display materials at networking events
  • Opportunities to speak at networking events
  • listing of services provided by companies that have demonstrated commitment to the sector.

The Affiliates scheme also provides access to bursaries for local organisations in crisis. ACVO turns first to its Affiliates for consultancy for bursary recipients.

Who are the ACVO Affiliates?

Click here to find out who is already an ACVO Affiliate

How do I Join?

The annual subscription for Private Sector organisations is £195.

For enquiries about becoming an Affiliate, please contact Alison Chandler on