The Future is Bright and the Future is Social Impact

ACVO TSI is delighted to announce that the Social Impact Report on Social transport in Aberdeen City is now available on the ACVO Website.

For two years ACVO, via their Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) funded social transport project, have been helping Aberdeen city residents, aged 55 and over, who are unable to use public transport to access health and social care appointments and get out and about.

Highlights from the report include:

  • The project impacted positively on everyone that registered and used the service
  • The service succeeded in being person-centred, door to door, nil or low cost travel for individuals, allowing people to take part in activities conducive to improving or maintaining their quality of life
  • Continued investment in this service would result in even more of an impact for patients, carers and the health services in the city.
  • Social Impact is an important consideration for all new innovation in Health & Social Care and should be considered as a vital component for all pilots and innovation as we move forward in the Integration of services here in Aberdeen
  • The 3rd sector is ideally placed to implement this type of research as it is in daily close contact with and a conduit for, wider society with regards to a very broad range of life issues.
  • It shows the 3rd sector to be inherently dynamic, innovative and reflexive and able to make a significant contribution in the context of partnership working which will improve and maintain the quality of life for Aberdeen citizens

Joyce Duncan CEO said “I’m delighted to be able to release this report produced by ACVO’s Social Impact Research consultant, Dr Rob Craig. We believe this partnership project has delivered a useful evidence base which will help our partners and funders make better decisions based on transparency, clarity and accessibility.

We know this has built a great foundation to explore even more areas of concern in the city and will help to tackle some of the challenges facing people’s ability to keep well.”

The report, executive summary and information leaflet can be found below: