If you need help sourcing funding please email: Alison.Chandler@acvo.org.uk or Kaja.Czuchnicka@acvo.org.uk*

The ACVO Bursary Scheme aims to do one or more of the following:

  • Support you to take a step forward with how you generate income or raise your profile
  • Encourage you to be more entrepreneurial  and diversify your income
  • Enable you to try something different within your team
  • Support your organisation’s growth and development
  • Help your organisation build its capacity and future proofing
  • Encourage you to build a stronger understanding of what you need to do
  • Empower you to create transformational change in your organisation
  • Help you with the professional support you might need if you are in a critical situation

Here are some of the things that ACVO Bursaries can be used for:

Training for staff, Board or volunteers                                 Website development
Promotional materials/rebranding                                        Market research
Legal/Accounting/HR/Planning services                              Fundraising/Management consultancy
Pilot enterprise project                                                         Materials for new environmental or cultural activity
Stock, materials or equipment eg for a café/nursery/craft workshop

But we are open to ideas from you as long as they are about creating outcomes for your organisation and not about funding your services/activities.


  • Your organisation must be based in Aberdeen City
  • Your organisation must be a Third Sector organisation with a constitution

The Bursary Scheme does not have a deadline.  The maximum amount is £2000.

You can find the application form here. If you have any questions please email: Alison.Chandler@acvo.org.uk or Kaja.Czuchnicka@acvo.org.uk