ACVO provides funding, business planning and other related services to Third Sector organisations working or based in Aberdeen in order that they may thrive, grow and develop. It also provides a link point for private sector businesses to the Third Sector.

The range of services is constantly developing in response to demand to ensure relevance to both emerging and established organisations; to social enterprises as well as traditional fundraising charities; and to organisations in all fields including social welfare, arts and culture, environmental, overseas development, heritage, animal welfare, education, health etc.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Funding and Business Planning support—one-to-one advice, coaching and mentoring, review of funding applications and business plans
  • Confidential external review of draft funding applications and business plans
  • Planning and development support for social enterprises
  • Trading and networking support for social enterprises
  • Support for Aberdeen Social Enterprise Network (ASEN)
  • Information about current funding opportunities
  • Support to develop fundraising strategies
  • Funding Briefing Notes on Fundraising and Business planning issues for you team
  • ACVO Bursaries for organisations in critical situation or pursuing an enterprise opportunity
  • Specialist ACVO training workshops on fundraising and business development in collaboration with partners and ACVO Affiliates
  • ACVO Awards to recognise and raise the profile of organisations and their friends and partners
  • Help to find business-skilled volunteers for Boards, fundraising or development capacity
  • Signposting and introduction to other intermediary organisations in specialist fields
  • Information and introductions for private sector engagement with the third sector
  • Events for networking and showcasing work with other sectors and the general public
  • Opportunities to link with local professions and others for business development through ACVO Affiliates
  • Tailored facilitated consultation, briefing and training events for Boards, senior management teams and stakeholders on Funding and Business Development.

For more information and a full range of services please contact