New City, New Culture, New Language

20160309_134405-1In June 2015 ACVO launched the #10AberdeenStories project giving citizens an opportunity to get involved in helping fellow Aberdonians through a challenge in their lives, to share their experiences and have their voices heard.

10 months later we reach the last of these stories, each of which has chronicled the experiences of a real Aberdeen citizen and provided links to multiple organisations including sponsors, public bodies and charities.

We wanted to end the project on something of a high note – celebrating the diversity of our City. We have highlighted carers, volunteers, young employees and of course the clients and users of local Third Sector organisations. We also wanted to celebrate the employment opportunities the Third Sector provides and the culture of working life in organisations which truly value equality.

Explore Rosilda’s story and then come on a journey with us as we look towards the next stage of Big Aberdeen stories.