Changes to Charity Reporting

From the 1st April, charities are going to start to seeing some changes.  The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) will be taking a more “targeted”  approach in order to  “better aim… efforts and energies at the charities and groups of charities that are likely to pose the highest risk to public trust and confidence in the sector.”

We dealt with the changes relating to the notification of serious incidents  in last week’s eBulletin.

The other changes that are being introduced on the 1st of April relate to the Annual Return which most charities now do online.  For most charities, (particularly those with an income under £25,000) there will be fewer questions to be answered.

OSCR maintain that “..none of these changes should be particularly tricky or complicated.”  OSCR is issuing guidance on the changes here;

The next obvious change that will be seen is that OSCR intends to publish all accounts from charities with an income of more than £25,000 and also the accounts of ALL Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs) on their website.

There is another way that your accounts can be displayed.  If your charity’s accounts are already published on your website, you can share this link with us on your Annual Return form and the link will be published on the Register.  If you were to use this method, it would be a great way of sharing other interesting information about your charity on the page, to really spell out your charity’s activities and impact.

For further information or support, contact ACVO Development Officer  Sandy Mathers on 01224 686075 or by email at;