ACVO Launches Initiative to Highlight Volunteers


In National Volunteers Week 2018, at the latest ACVO Affiliates event, award winning HR consultants  Hunter Adams backed ACVO in launching the “Your People – Our Communities Campaign”.  Susan Myles, Head of Hunter Adams North Region told the Hunter Adams story. In doing so she provided the first of the “Your People Highlights” we will be gathering from now on – from employers and from Third Sector organisations who have benefitted from volunteers employed in the private sector locally. The Highlights will be featured in the ACVO e:bulletin and new Business-to-Business Bulletin and amassed on a new “Your People” web-page.  We will tweet it and share it on Facebook and Linked In.

This campaign, part of the ongoing Big Aberdeen project founded in  2014, will not only highlight volunteering in work hours and provision of pro bono support. We believe there is commercial value in employers recognising and applauding the volunteering that their colleagues carry out in their own time too. Volunteering builds and practices useful business skills. It helps employees balance life and work.  Volunteers develop as leaders and spontaneously act as ambassadors for their employers.  People who coach football teams or guide uniformed groups are great team players whenever and wherever they give their time.  Volunteering can be in the office on fundraising bakes or as a team on a sponsored race.  It can be filling a box of tins for a food bank or sitting on a charity Board. Volunteering makes your people part of the community in which you do business.  Volunteering, above all, makes a huge difference to the people and places which benefit.

Simply tell us a story (in 500 words or less with pictures and logos) and we will get it in the next available bulletin and onto the website.  If you would like more help to encourage your teams or to promote the idea to charities or employers you are working with, just get in touch.

This project has the attention of The Scottish Government’s Third Sector Unit and of the network of Third Sector Interfaces across Scotland which they part-fund. ACVO is one such Interface and is leading the way in developing links between private and third sectors.  We are additionally looking to develop certification for volunteer employees and accreditation for companies that support them.

To read more about the project please visit –

For further information contact Alison Chandler or Mike Melvin