ACVO Bursary Scheme Re-opens

50% of all Affiliation fees each year is injected into the ACVO Bursary scheme and, with so many Affiliates renewing, ACVO are delighted to announce that the Bursary scheme has now re-opened for the second time in 2018.

If you know of or represent a Third Sector organisation working in Aberdeen that  is looking to take a specific step forward in terms of being more enterprising then you might apply.  Affiliates have previously made it possible to  support professional services, equipment, stock, training, promotional activities.   “Specific” is the key word here – we are looking to help where there is an opportunity arising that cannot be maximised without help. We have paid for scales for weighing vegetables and rolls of Harris tweed, we have paid for top-level public speaking training enabling its recipient to successfully pitch for a 6 figure sum and for a revamped website.

If your organisation is in a critical situation then we may be able to help you search for a way out of it.  This is a bursary scheme not a grants scheme.  We cannot pay for rent or salaries that you cannot afford to pay.  If your situation is truly critical then perhaps you may need some professional services – including fundraising consultancy – to get out of it. We often prefer to appoint services for you (rather than awarding a grant) so as to ensure that the benefit to you is maximised, duplication of TSI services does not occur and progress is effectively managed on your behalf) but we are willing to enter into discussion on this.

Please bear in mind that this is a small fund and we are more likely to make awards of under £1,000 than over.  The maximum will be £2,000.  We are able to make quick decisions and look forward to hearing from you.

Further information and application form is available at