Membership of ACVO is open to all 3rd sector (charitable, voluntary and community groups) providing services in Aberdeen City.

As Members of ACVO, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular information updates
  • Discounted rates for ACVO E-Bulletin advertising
  • Discounted rates for our website development service – design and maintenance
  • Discounted rates for our training and events
  • Discounted rates for design and print of promotional materials
  • Discounted rates for accounting consultancy
  • Opportunities to present case studies at cross-sector events
  • Access to facilitated group work on fundraising and business planning
  • The ability to stand for election as a member of ACVO’s Board of Directors
  • The ability to vote for representatives on ACVO’s Board of Directors

Type of Members: –

You can become an Ordinary Member (voting member) if you are:

  • An organisation or social enterprise with a governing document
  • Based in, and serving, the city of Aberdeen

You can become an Associate Member (non-voting member) if you are:

  • Individuals who support the aims of ACVO
  • Statutory bodies

Membership Rates

  • Community groups with volunteer committee or turnover under 50K        £25
  • 3rd sector organisations with turnover between £50K and £100K                £50
  • 3rd sector organisations with turnover over 100K                                          £100
  • Affiliate membership – private sector and statutory body member             £195

If you are unsure which class of membership would be appropriate please contact ACVO on (01224) 686058 to discuss or email

Click here to apply for ACVO Membership. (PDF)

You can also view our Memorandums of Association and Articles of Association.